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13 May


    This week’s assignment asks you to engage with two painful human habits: lying and fighting.  You can choose to fictionalize one or the other, or both, it’s up to you. Almost everyone lies, whether they be small “white” lies or full-scale deceptions, and the moments when people lie are usually full of stress, desire, and anxiety — in other words, they make for good fiction.  Ask yourself the following questions and try to out some of your answers in scene:  When was the last time your protagonist told a lie?   Why did he or she lie then?  Did he or she get caught?  How does your protagonist feel about telling lies in general? Mahatma Gandhi once said, “Joy lies in the fight, in the attempt, in the suffering involved, not in victory itself.”  I happen to think this is true of fiction, as well as life.  A “fight” could be two children wrestling playfully over a toy, a calm, measured debate, an angry verbal exchange, or a brawl with actual blows.  Considering your story and your protagonist, please answer the following questions and fictionalize the interesting moments: What does your character care enough about to fight for?   How would he or she fight?  Would he or she win the fight?  What would victory look like?

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