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05 Jan


    In our first workshop, we started off writing absurd (and hilarious) “true” stories but by the end were talking about funny/surprising/unexpected real events that occurred in our lives. We learned that a personal essay is more than just a story about a past experience; there must be a lesson that you want to share. However, at this stage, you will focus on brainstorming potential past experiences that you might end up writing about. You don’t need to know the big point or lesson just yet… even experienced writers often figure out the lesson in their experiences much later in the writing process. Step 1: Choosing an Experience You wrote a list of potential experiences and big questions during the workshop. These might help you pick a topic to write about. If you are still unsure about what to write about, here are some prompts that might help you: * Your most embarrassing fall * The most disgusting thing you ever ate * The funniest person you know * Your worst best friend * The time you were most scared * The time you were bitten by an animal * The time you were the hero * The place you love the most * The place you hate the most * Your favorite room in the house * The day everything went wrong * The day you wish you could forget * The time you forgot [fill in the blanks e.g. your best friend’s birthday] * The day you realized that you were a terrible [fill in the blanks e.g. dancer] * Your bad habit * Your secret obsession * The day you lost your friend * The day you realized that [fill in the blanks e.g. siblings can suck but they are always there for you] Choose one that you feel excited or inspired to write about. It should be an experience that you would enjoy telling a friend, an experience that means so much to you. Step 2: Telling the Story After selecting an experience, close your eyes for a few minutes and try to remember all that happened during that experience. After doing this, write to fill an empty page in your notepad, trying to describe everything that happened from start to finish. Don’t worry about spelling and grammar. It’s okay to be messy at this stage 🙂 Step 3: Repeat Steps 1 and 2 for a different experience Therefore, you should come to our next workshop on Monday, January 25th, with TWO pages of writing, one for each experience.

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