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27 Jan


    Hi there! In our second workshop, we talked about why setting was so important and how we can think of it as the: 1. time and time period 2. place or location 3. environment and weather 4. society of a story or event. For homework, you will do the following: 1. Select your top two choices for your personal essay. You can use the options from class or new ideas if they came to you after class. 2. For each experience, draw out a setting map like we started in class. 3. For each setting map, choose what you see as the most important location in the map of the story. 4. for about ONE page, write what happens in that most important location, making sure to describe the setting i.e. time and time period, place or location, environment and weather, and society. As we said at the end of the second workshop, setting helps establish the sound track of your story. Keep thinking about the sound track of your story and how it might change tune in different parts of your story. Make sure that you bring these two pages of writing and your setting maps to our next workshop next week. See ya!

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