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24 Nov


    It’s getting down to the wire, folks! Your personal essays are starting to take great shape! Let’s push to make them even stronger! In our last workshop, we started looking at effective outlines for our personal essays. In other words, we want to make sure that our essays have a “shape” that makes them easy to read, enjoyable and insightful for a reader. We discussed how we want our personal essays to move between these five parts: 1. SITUATION This is the part of the personal essay in which you vividly describe an experience or memory that is generally positive. However, things eventually go bad… 2. PROBLEM/UNEXPECTED EVENT This is the part of the essay where something goes wrong or something unexpected happens. You, as the main character, are faced with a negative event or consequence. Noooo… 3. SOLUTION TO THE PROBLEM This is the part of the essay where you describe how the problem/unexpected event was solved or at least how you or others tried to solve the problem. What will I/we do??? 4. CHANGE IN MAIN CHARACTER’S THINKING This is the part of the essay where you show that the solution to the problem made you start to think differently about the problem. For example, before the problem seemed all negative but now you realized that there can be some positive as a result of it. Ah, now I see… 5. LESSON/BIG POINT Here is where you give the reader of your essay advice about what you learned in a way that applies not only to your life but also possibly to their lives. Dear Reader, here’s how what I learned from this experience can possibly help you! HOMEWORK We read and provided feedback for Thomas’ and Marimar’s personal essays in the last workshop. (I will email you two a summary of the comments by the end of the day.) In the next workshop, we will (try to) read and provide feedback for the rest of the essays. In preparation, you all need to revise your essays to make sure that you have the five parts described above. Make sure that you can point out each of these five parts in your draft. Email me your drafts by next Sunday! I am excited to see them.

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