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19 Nov


    This week, I would like you to continue writing a story you have already started. Everyone seems to have a strong story in progress, and I don’t want to break your flow by forcing you to move onto a new idea. So please write two new pages of the story you have already started. If you are having trouble figuring out what’s going to happen, try to answer the following questions: 1) What does your protagonist want? 2) What is preventing your protagonist from getting what he or she wants? 3) How will your protagonist try to achieve his or her goal? For instance, if you answer these questions about the movie Finding Nemo, you could say: 1) Nemo wants to get back to his father 2) Nemo is stuck inside a fish tank 3) Nemo will try to escape the fish tank If you can, try to outline the plot of your story, always keeping those desires and obstacles in mind.

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