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04 May


    This week, I want you to try a writing technique I’m going to call a “tracking shot.”  A tracking shot is actually a term from film, where a camera moves on a dolly.  It’s a great way of establishing setting, especially in a place with a lot of different things going on in different places.  As a film example, check out this famous tracking shot from Good Fellas. In fiction, a tracking shot can work the same way, describing setting with the protagonist in motion.  The great thing about this writing technique is you create a big picture with a series of small details.  Here’s the example we looked at in class from The Case of the Missing Servant by Tarquin Hall.  In this case, the character is driving along a road and then through a market. For your tracking shot, pick a setting where there’s a lot of activity and where your main character can move.  Describe the place with a series of zoomed-in details, as if your protagonist was looking around.  Remember to use all five senses to create a rich, detailed picture for the reader.  And stay in point-of-view — what is your protagonist thinking in reaction to this place?

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