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14 Apr


    Your assignment this week will help you start to think about character and point-of-view.  First, find a photograph with at least two people in it.  They may not be famous people, or people you know, so no family vacation photos and no Benedict Cumberbatch.  You can rip something out of a magazine, or print something from online, from your own source or try one of these below. For contemporary photography: For artistic photography:|G%3AHI%3AE%3A1&page_number=1&template_id=6&sort_order=2 For historical photography: Then, study the photograph for a long time.  Try to make up a story about what is happening in the image.  Where are they?  What’s going on?  Who are these people?  What are they thinking?  Choose two of the people and write a stream-of-consciousness style monologue from each one’s point of view. Think about how the two people would perceive different things, use different words, have different reactions.  Really try to get inside their heads!  A remember from your paired-walk yesterday how complicated and busy the inside of someone’s head really is! Each monologue should be no more than a page handwritten, single-spaced, or a page typed and double-spaced.  In other words, you will write a total of two pages.

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